samantha bitty

"My goal as a sexual health educator is to replace ideas about sex that originate in patriarchy, misogyny, capitalism, and shame, with ideas stemming from abundance, sex positivity, love, and choice."

who is she

samantha bitty is a sexual health and consent educator, speaker and social change entrepreneur. Having laughter, empathy and liberation as central pillars of her work, she aims to facilitate creative educational spaces, that can fill the gaps often left by traditional models of learning.

Based in Toronto, samantha is the host of SEXY SEXUAL HEALTH TRIVIA, is the founder of Inner Development Project, and represented by the National Speakers Bureau. She has developed and facilitated workshops, seminars, and trainings locally, and internationally.

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photo credit Jessica Laforet

Animation for SEXY SEXUAL HEALTH TRIVIA by Amika Cooper aka Black Power Barbie @blackpowerbarbie


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