Anti-racism/Anti-oppression through an Emotional Intelligence Lens

AR/AO is about relationships - relationship to power, environment, resources, thoughts, feelings, ourselves and each other.  The following talks use common and accessible language and are led with humour and compassion for where we all individually reside along the spectrum of our AR/AO journeys.

Key Notes/Seminars

Process Over "Position" (1 hour)

This talk is not a 101, it is an explainer of how to use an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) approach to anti-racism/anti-oppression practices.  Drawing from principles and techniques in EQ coaching, participants are guided in identifying ways to adapt the thought patterns that inform our actions, producing more sustainable, equitable, empathetic, interpersonal relationships.  P.O.P guides participants to examine themselves and their interactions beyond just not saying or doing the "wrong" thing.  Participants are left with insights, and practical tools to employ in their day-to-day lives. 

"Resiliency" To Wisdom (20-30 minutes)

This talk explores the concept of  "resiliency" as an inspiring trait; naming it as an apology to under-resourcing and oppressive structures.  

As the "resilient", how do we identify our unique resource needs and transmute this state into wisdom we can use to indicate where we need more care, both personally and as institutions.  

Participants are left with ways to reimagine "resiliency" and questions to help them explore their relationship with themselves and others.

Learning Sessions/Training

AR/AO Through an EQ Lens.

Using an Emotional Intelligence framework, participants will be guided through activities, opening discussions about AO/AR.  

Custom-developed learning sessions, primarily focused on emotional intelligence and intersectional critical thinking skills; tools for adopting and strengthening AO/AR principles in practical ways, that participants can grow and apply beyond the training; support in unpacking implicit bias, and building upon existing equity work; name systemic anti-Black/anti-Indigenous racism/white supremacy in Canada and how that translates into the client's industry locally; review examples of intersectional approaches to restructuring HR and hiring processes. *can include problem areas identified by staff/management.

These learning sessions are an intensive, and include a variety of approaches including video, audio, other media; Pre-Training Learning Module, and GroupTraining 

What it isn’t:

  • A public relations exercise.  The purpose of the learning is to put change into practice and action unique to your space. 
  • A certification - this work is on-going.  You cannot “untrain” systemic racism, but you can address and dismantle the ways racism is built into the way our systems and institutions operate - this may be change in the use of certain language, conventions of behaviour, as well as hiring practices and policies/processes for assessing compensation.

What it is:

  • An introduction to concepts and frameworks that can be used to understand the ways systemic oppression in Canada (Toronto) translates into systemic oppression (racism, anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism specifically, ableism, homophobia, transphobia..+) in your industry.  
  • A strengths and practical tools building opportunity to align practices - both day-to-day interactions, as well as infrastructurally - with anti-oppression/anti-racism principles.

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