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which lube should i use…?

Q. Which lube should I be using?  Does it matter?

A. Which lube to use can be dependent on a couple of factors - some personal preference, some activity specific, and some health and safety.  Overridingly though, lubricants makes all kinds of sex sexier.  

I’ve made a quick reference chart (see below, click to enlarge), and this article highlights some key points and considerations for each lube type - albeit from a woman-centered perspective.

Some additional considerations - WHAT FEELS GOOD ON/IN YOUR BODY?!  Just because it’s “safe” to use silicone lubes in vaginas, doesn’t mean it won’t irritate yours!  Just because water-based lube is abundant, doesn’t mean it won’t put a damper on the way you perform anal sex.  Maybe oil feels weird in your mouth!  

A final tip!  If you’re not sure what you like, most sex shops will have small sample packs for around $1-$2, you can give them a whirl before making any commitments!  I wish you a wet’n’wild summer!



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