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Sex/Relationship and Emotional Intelligence Coaching is available to individuals/or partnerships to help address an immediate/acute issue, as well as on-going/persistent patterns.

EQ coaching aims to cultivate and strengthen our practices of self-awareness, response vs. reaction, empathy, and communication skills, as well as connect with and determine our motivations.  

The approach I take is non-judgmental, trauma-informed, intersectional feminist,  pleasure-centered, anti-oppression/anti-racism informed, and reflects the diverse experiences of folks along the gender, sexuality, and relationship model spectrum.  (It's totally fine not to know what all this means.  Basically, whatever you bring forth will be treated as valid, and meaningful)

NOTE: While I reference practices found in therapy and counselling (CBT etc), I am NOT a therapist or "counsellor".  The way this can be understood is that while your past experiences are relevant, coaching focuses on practical tools for your present and future, that can be employed to heal past issues, but primarily intended to inform/empower your current actions, behaviours, habits and patterns. Everything shared in a session is treated as confidential.


Solo: $56.50 CAD/hour; partnered: $84.75 CAD/hour (inclusive of HST); Sliding Scale available for folks who are BIPOC, LGBTQ2S, or low-income; the ideal session is 1 hour (1.5 hours maximum) and includes follow-ups and check-ins via text/email/phone as warranted.   



Contact for inquiries.

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