samantha bitty

Sexual Health Education Trainings - for Youth Groups & Professionals

media literacy & healthy sexuality

Does media influence our sexual selves?! YES! How can we better critically think about the ways pornography, social media and pop culture, affects our pleasure, relationships, consent and communication? This interactive workshop uses video, memes, and more to invite participants to strengthen media literacy, unpack harmful sexual health/sexuality myths, stigmas, and promote consent culture.

pleasure & consent

What is sex positivity/negativity and how does it affect an individual’s relationship to pleasure? How does mainstream messaging, gender, power, and other aspects of identity inform an understanding of consent? Participants will reflect on these concepts, and leave with practical tools for practicing consent in their relationships, and day-to-day lives.

STIs & communication

Do I have to tell? Overview of sexually transmitted infections - transmission, safer sex tools, testing. Unpacking STI stigma, and communication strategies for disclosure in a consent culture.

intro to birth control

There’s more than just the pill!? Up-to-date education session on birth control options available in Canada, fertility cycles, and decision making tools. Participants will learn about factors affecting access and decision making, such as lifestyle, immigration status, and privacy.

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