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  1. masturbation or masturba-shun… (part 2)

    Q. My partner is masturbating, but not having sex with me. What do I do?  A. Last week’s bitty bits unpacked how to approach checking in with a partner who is masturbating, but not participating in sex in the relationship, where the ‘cause’ is personal and not a reflection of…

  2. gaslighting, flirting, open relationships - oh my!

    Q. How should I react when I feel like my partner is gaslighting me?  I often get defensive and it only escalates. A. I’m not a psychologist, but if you feel like you are being gaslighted, then it is possible you are, or there is at least some manipulation going…

  3. dating burn rate…?

    Q. I struggle so much with investing time to meet new people and develop intimate relationships because life is so busy. Do you have tips or tricks to invest more time/energy in your sex life?   A. First things first, what do you want?  Is it casual sex, or building a…

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