samantha bitty

workshops, seminars and trainings by samantha bitty!

To book, or for inquiries about rates, visit contact!  *most offerings available IRL or virtually!

samantha bitty is available as an educator, speaker and consultant.  She has worked with youth groups, post-secondary institutions, and professionals across industries including but not limited to: hospitality, fine arts/public art and non-profit organizations.

Offerings are tailored to the specific needs of the client, and available to address acute issues, as well as longer-term and foundational change.  

samantha bitty is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, and recognized for her unique approach to challenging areas of discussion.

The objective is for participants to arrive at their own empowered, informed values and decisions.

Participants are:

  • invited to view these topics through an anti-oppression, and intersectional lens;
  • encouraged to critically think about their assumptions/ideas;
  • supported in unpacking what does not serve their overall health and well-being.

Topics can be presented as workshops or seminars/talks (audience size dependent).

See the dropdown menu for details of specific offerings, or submit an inquiry here.

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