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  1. video: how do i avoid catching feelings for my FWB…?

    Q. How do I avoid catching feelings for my friend with benefits?

  2. video: how to take good nudes (full)

  3. video: how to take good nudes (teaser)

    This topic is so meaty, it needed a lil more time in the oven.  Stay tuned next week for the full video!

  4. video: how do i send nudes properly?!

       notes: Sending nudes under the age of 18 in Canada can unfortunately be trouble.  Although conditions for legal consent varies from age 12 - 18, you must be 18 to participate in activities qualifying as pornography - including sending nudes.

  5. which lube should i use…?

    Q. Which lube should I be using?  Does it matter? A. Which lube to use can be dependent on a couple of factors - some personal preference, some activity specific, and some health and safety.  Overridingly though, lubricants makes all kinds of sex sexier.   I’ve made a quick reference chart (see…

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